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Investments by Entrepreneurs
for Entrepreneurs

The Co-Investor Group, founded in the year 2000, consists of a network of entrepreneurs who invest their private money directly, i.e. without involving funds, in medium-sized growth companies in German-speaking countries. The Co-Investor shareholders make an advance investment with their own private money and offer a close circle of business investors exclusive co-investment opportunities.
Co-Investor seeks, assesses and negotiates direct investments, supports medium-sized businesses in growth phases and safeguards the interests of investors. In conjunction with the business investors, the professional investment team and the expertise made available from a robust network of entrepreneurs, Co-Investor has an enduring commitment to medium-sized businesses.

We offer more than money


Co-Investor sees itself as a pioneer in direct investments in medium-sized businesses in German-speaking countries, focusing on identifying potential and promoting growth for the companies, coupled with attractive prospects of return for the investors.


The Co-Investor network comprises financially strong co-investing shareholders and investors with extensive business expertise in a wide variety of industries, personal commitment and the desire to provide equity finance from private resources


The Co-Investor model offers advantages for all parties involved. Both entrepreneurs seeking growth finance for their medium-sized companies and wealthy private investors wishing to invest directly in companies in conjunction with us will find the right partner here.


Professional structures and clear processes in both managing the investments and looking after the investors ensure that Co-Investor has the highest levels of transparency and trust.


Co-Investor has a management team experienced in transactions, with relevant skill sets and a high level of personal commitment. The Group has been able to boast continuous investment and exit activities since 2000.

Enduring nature

With our commitments, which usually proceed via qualified minority interests, we pursue an investment horizon of between three and six years in most cases, i.e. sufficient time in which to create solid, enduring growth.
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How we invest

German-speaking region

Full range of investments

Company profile

  • Medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Qualified and convincing founders and entrepreneurs
  • Clearly definable growth and upside potential
  • Comprehensible, resilient business model
  • Investment volume: EUR 5 - 25 million
  • Minimum requirements: positive cash flow and revenues in the mid-seven-figure range (> EUR 5 million)
  • Portfolio focus to date: food & beverage, healthcare & life science and IT & technologies, but other industries are also of interest

Like-minded and reliable partners strengthen our active network

Co-Investor is the network that spreads around a company when we invest together with our investors.

We are involved.

Together with the entrepreneurs and management personnel, we bear the business responsibility, provide access to medium-sized business finance via private resources, establish contacts within the target industry, channel know-how and expertise direct-
ly into the company. We maintain excellent contacts to well-known entrepreneurs, provide assistance with solving key business issues and link investors and company management into efficient teams for future growth, because: we are involved.
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A strong team with experience and know-how

The Co-Investor team has extensive transaction experience from more than 100 initial and follow-on investments as well as diverse structuring expertise from lead and co-investments and corresponding exits. An experienced and highly competent back office ensures that investments are looked after professionally within the scope of regulatory requirements
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It is the trust between Co-Investor, entrepreneur & network that is the key to success.