Entrepreneurs have the capacity
to achieve goals


We call it entrepreneurial capacity when an entrepreneur has the ability to achieve something.
When he or she achieves something great combining capital with capabilities.
This entrepreneurial spirit has been the driving force behind our decisions since our beginning in 2001. Admittedly, this may not make us the largest private equity company – but for entrepreneurial capacity we are probably the best.

‘At Co-Investor Partners we understand the entrepreneur as a driving force and our role as providing maximum support, especially in critical phases. We believe that direct equity investments are best suited to achieve this. For us it goes without saying – but when we started in 2001, this concept was new to the German market …’

"Companies are built on entrepreneurial courage and vision."

Nicolai von Engelhardt
Partner at Co-Investor Partners



Set goals
and achieve goals

Co-Investor Partners finds, evaluates and negotiates direct investments. We support entrepreneurs in growth phases and safeguard the interests of investors.


„Driving your own growth by helping others succeed - what a great feeling.“

Hans-Ewald Reinert
Owner of The Family Butchers
Investor at Co-Investor Partners

Find a partner,
be a partner

We call ourselves Co-Investor Partners because as co-investors we are also partners. Whether you are expanding your own company or investing your capital in other companies, there are good reasons for choosing us as a partner. Here are the most important ones.

01Entrepreneurial spirit

Business acumen, creative drive, a willingness to take risks but also responsibility and, last but not least, a touch of humility. This is what distinguishes an experienced entrepreneur. At least those entrepreneurs who invest with us – and those in whom we invest.

02 Like-minded people

A good investor has to be a good “fit”. And not just at the beginning of an investment. To make the right decisions together not only do you need good KPIs, you also need to be on the same page and trust one another. With this understanding, we have built up a resilient and multi-layered network of people who “fit” together.


We started as a pioneer in direct equity investments, focusing on the German Mitttelstand. We like to feel invested – and we are not only talking about money.


Your capabilities mean that you are able to do something well. Because you have proven it with the steps you have already taken yourself. And not just the easy ones.


An entrepreneur has become an entrepreneur by accomplishing something. Because they create, because they are willing to make the effort, and because for them accomplishments are the best stepping stone for the next step. Qualities that are found less at a corporate level, and more so in small and medium-sized enterprises. And also with us.


Of course, it is about returns too. But our goal is mutual growth. And together, entrepreneurs have the capacity to achieve even more.

The thing all investors and shareholders have in common is that they are entrepreneurs … and entrepreneurs prefer to talk to entrepreneurs, they have more faith in them and consider them more credible than financial investors or fund managers.

“Entrepreneurs finance entrepreneurs. Co-Investor’s idea is more popular than ever.”