Get capital. But directly.
And with support.

Entrepreneurial capital
grows through
entrepreneurs with capacity.


This is why we focus on the principle of direct private equity investments. We believe this is the best investment method when it comes to real entrepreneurs wanting to move something forward. Of course, there are other investments methods as well. Somewhere else. Because not everyone is a true entrepreneur.

„Wanting to shape the future is not a question of what industry you’re in. It's a mindset.“

Dr. Farsin Yardegadjam
Partner at Co-Investor Partners

Direct private equity investment. So that you can continue to be an entrepreneur. And achieve more.

Any type of investment ensures that you have partners on board. With interests. With direct private equity investments, the interests are entrepreneurial.

01Increased equity instead of liabilities
02Growth is the goal - returns are the effect. Not the other way around
03Limited time horizon instead of permanent change
04Entrepreneurial partners instead of profit managers
05A competent network instead of anonymous mandate holders
06Joint exit perspective instead of an arbitrary exit

With continuous growth rates of more than 50% per annum, the online platform founded in 2005 by brothers Moritz and Jakob Keller is now one of the largest sports e-tailers in Germany.

„The expertise in every upcoming growth step is impressive. This is how partnership works!"

Moritz Keller, Marcus Trute & Jacob Keller
Managing Partners at Keller Group

more than
more than
Initial and follow-on investments
more than
Supervisory and advisory board mandates

Requirements for an investment from Co-Investor Partners

Are you picky?
That is good: so are we.

01Growth company (> 10% p.a.) with clear appreciation potential
02Equity required approx. € 5-25 million
03Turnover > € 10 million, profitable if possible

With returns exceeding the public markets, Co-Investor is looking for gems in the German Mittelstand. The principle is as follows: high-net-worth entrepreneurs jointly consider which SMEs in the DACH region to invest their money in.

“Entrepreneurs financing entrepreneurs. Co-Investor’s idea is more popular than ever.”