casualfood GmbH
casualfood GmbH, founded in 2005 and based in Frankfurt/Main, operates in the fast food market, specializing, as a quick service provider, in travel catering at particularly highly frequented locations. casualfood came to prominence when it launched mobile sales units at Frankfurt Airport, used at departure gate A for the first time in 2005. The innovative company, with its workforce of just under 360 as of the end of 2011, now has a presence at Frankfurt, Berlin and Düsseldorf airports with mobile and stationary sales areas and a wide variety of sales concepts (“Mayer’s Brezel”, “QUICKER’s”, “Mondo” etc.).

Since the company was founded, the experienced management team has been able to use this concept to achieve impressive growth, which it aims to continue to drive forward in future by extending airport locations and expanding to railway stations and motorway service areas. A successful course that Co-Investor has been fully supporting with know-how and capital since 2012.

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