Nextbike GmbH
Nextbike is an international technology leader for bike rental systems. With its fully automatic bike rental stations operated in-house or via a licence model, the company founded in Leipzig in 2004 already operates in various countries on four continents today. It now intends to achieve further growth together with co-investors.

Nextbike is addressing the needs and attitude to life of a large section of today’s townspeople throughout the world. For example, sharing consumer goods is increasingly becoming a matter of course. Municipalities worldwide are supporting this trend in order to increase their own attractiveness while, at the same time, offering new concepts in mobility to take the strain off the urban infrastructure.

The company is regarded as a leader in tracking and cross-linking bikes. Experience from more than ten years of international product and business development helps it to respond quickly to customers’ needs. Thus, it offers both stationary and mobile systems that enable bikes to be parked in any location and sublet by means of tracking and an app. Even a combination of these or less technology-intensive solutions at lower prices are possible.

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