Tranquini GmbH
Tranquini GmbH is a start-up that has taken up the development of new, functional beverages: relaxation beverages. The brand mission is to inspire people to be more relaxed and to have a more positive mind set so as to have more good things befall them in their life and to radiate this attitude to their fellow human beings.

Every strong trend also produces a counter-trend: the zeitgeist of the 1990s can be expressed by the motto "work hard, play hard", which was in line with personal and professional attitudes in society at the time. When the economic bubble burst, attitudes changed in favour of a more aware lifestyle. People began to think about what their success and income are based on and whether this can lead to a balanced way of life.

Today, people are increasingly seeking a balanced lifestyle, with health and shared time with family and friends being just as important as jobs and careers. Attractive employers are defined less and less by the salary on offer, but by the working environment that they provide as well as by their social engagement and economic objectives.

In their leisure time, people are paying more attention to their fitness, their well-being and a more aware lifestyle. Consumers are demanding high-quality food: natural ingredients are no longer a niche trend, but are the basic prerequisite of consumption. Yoga courses and wellness oases are mushrooming, as more people long for a healthier, more positive and more relaxed lifestyle.

Tranquini® would like to be part of this global trend by helping people to be relaxed and positive and to give rise to good things in their life.

Therefore, the motto is: Relax. Be Positive. Good Happens.

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