TSE Systems GmbH
TSE Systems GmbH is a global technology leader for highly automated measurement and analysis systems for preclinical research in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the three areas of metabolic research, behavioral science and telemetry, the products of TSE support cutting-edge research in the fight against diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia and schizophrenia. The modular hardware and software platforms "Made in Germany" are leading in data generation, degree of automation and the consideration of animal welfare. Customers include universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

The most important product in the field of metabolic research is the PhenoMaster. The PhenoMaster is a system for measuring the metabolism of drugs administered in the preclinical phase to small laboratory animals (mice, rats). Metabolic diseases (such as diabetes) are one of the fastest-growing segments of global budgets for research and development (R&D). The systems are also increasingly being used in the growing fields of nutrition science and cancer research.

In August 2019 Co-Investor acquired TSE System GmbH and invested a mid-seven-figure amount directly in the company to accelerate the company's further growth and expand its market position.

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